Some tips about shipments into China

1. The consignee has to be a company registered in both Custom’s House and Entry & Exit Bureau. If not, we will have to find a registered trade company to work as the trade agent who can provide necessary documents for custom’s clearance and quarantine declaration purpose.

2. The normal documents required for import shipment as follows:

◇ Power of attorney for custom’s clearance ( will be provided by the consignee)

◇ Power of attorney for quarantine declaration (will be provided by the consignee)

◇ Commercial invoice

◇ Packing list

◇ Contract / Purchase Order / Sales Confirmation

3. For ddu or ddps shipments, please always ask us before sending shipments as there might be special documents required such as import license or 3C certificate ( China Compulsory Certificate) for some commodities. So it is always safe to ask before sending shipments so that we can check with the consignee in advance whether they are able to provide necessary documents

4. For exhibition shipments, using ATA carnet is recommended as it is quicker and no tax involved. But only purpose of exhibition or fair is accepted (other purposes such as commercial samples etc are not accepted). The other solution is to clear it as temporary import. In that case, we need to pay the custom’s deposit which is equivalent to the amount of tax and the deposit will be refunded after the shipment is returned.


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